In port
The nearest swimming area is a small shallow beach directly at the port about 100 meters from the cottages, this is also mostly the place for our woodfired sauna.

In the village
Some stone's throw away is the village bathing place "horvan" a shallow beach which is sometimes shared with grazing cows

A few km:s on a bicycle, you are at Tingskullen bathing area, a beautiful sandy bay which not so many find.

Böda sand and others
If you yearn for more people, it's about 10km to Sandby bath or Sandvik and 20km to Böda Gulf, we are happy to advises on our favorite beaches, depending on the weather

Åkerbo Baths
Has heated inside and outside-pools(if the weather In the unlikely event disappoint) Here are also swimming school organized during the summer, recommended!
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