Sea trout fishing is probably the sportfishing Oland is best known for, but also fish such as pike and garfish belong to common species for the angler on Öland. Cod is the fish if you have a boat and can go out fishing over the wrecks. Oland has also proven to be a good place for salmontrolling. Seatrout Kalmarsund and the Baltic Sea! Öland has a big advantage when fishing for trout. You can easily move from one side to the other side to find the right wind conditions and water temperature. Sea trout are large and beautiful and weights between 5-10kg are not uncommon. All fishing from the coast of Öland is free Sea trout fishing will start after the summer in late September, when water temperature has dropped to around 13 degrees and keeps on until the end of May. The best period is likely from November to January and April.

Do not miss SEATROUT CUP which takes place 16-17 April 2011.

Pike can be found primarily in the bays on the north-eastern Öland. Pike fishing is best during spring and autumn when there are normally plenty of pike. In the summer, giving the pike into deeper waters.

You can catch them from the beginning of May and the month of June. You'll find them all along the Öland coast. You catch garfish easily with a long thin silver features (ex ABU's Tobis haul) Tie a 4 cm long for streamer hook (most easily when they get stuck). Fish move at a fast speed, the fish will be mad after that feature.

Until the early '80s you could fish for cod off the coast, unfortunately, the cod stock has reduced in the Baltic Sea, and today you have to get out some distance from the coast to get some. There is little depending on which season you fish but you should come out to 20-40 meters depth in order to have a chance. Simply go out to a fine edge can be quite random, to improve your chances you have to find a wreck, which usually attracts the cod. Fortunately (for us anglers and divers), there are quite a lot of wrecks the coast of Öland.

In summer, off the coast of Öland, there is a good chance of cathcing salmon in the open waters of theBaltic Sea open. A bit off the coast where the bottom curve slopes down to the 70-100 m depth is where the trolling takes place in Ca2 knots. When the salmon well cut, it can sometimes make jams on 100's of meters and high jump in the air, all to try to get away. Fishing usually get started in early June and are usually best in the August / September to mid October. Then, there are good chances to catch salmon and sea trout on the trolling.

Trolling Charter
Fishing is a bit outside Öland off the east coast. We start from the port where the fishing is best at the moment including Källa Hamn. With up to 10 rods we fish of different depths to find the salmon. Suited for 2 max 3 persons on a fishing trip, all fishing gear included.
Ölandsfiske (swedish)

Fishing Guide
We can also offer guided fishing from the shore after primarily seatrout. Take the opportunity to professional help to find the best sites.
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