Thai cooking class 2011
Activity for groups of min 10 persons. After review with the instructor Maliwan you will together cook a number of dishes with the help of recipes and Maliwan. Then you set the buffet table and tuck into the food. Fun, instructive and very filling.
Cost SEK495 per person, including all raw materials, recipe collection and Maliwans expert guidance.

Restaurant Ölands Golfcourse
The restaurant at Ölands Golfcourse serves good swedish food at moderate prices.
Ölands Golfcourse (swedish)

Kroppkakor (Potato dumplings)
At Ninnis kroppkaksbod only a few kilometers from the port, you have the opportunity to enjoy award-winning ninnis dumplings either on site or to take home
Ninnis kroppkakor

Goat cheese
Hagelstad farmdairy produces and sells goat's milk cheese from the farm's goats
Hagelstad gårdsmejeri (swedish)

Källa Icecream
An ice cream experience for the whole family in genuine environment.
Källa Glassgård (swedish)

Rosas Handel
Butcher store and smallscaleproduction of quality sausages in Löttorp.
Rosas Handel (swedish)

Lammet och Grisen
Lovely restaurant with whole roasted lamb & pork, should not be missed.
Lammet & Grisen (swedish)

Kalk, Löttorp
Öland's best hamburgers and often entertainment
Kalk (swedish)

Källa gårdsbutik
Farmstore in the willage who sell potatoes and other wegetables according to season.

ICA Källa
The store has got most of what you need for breakfast, lunch or dinner. You seldom have to further than that.
Generous openinghours.