Källa Hembygdsförening
The Association has compiled information on the history, attractions and businesses in the area.
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Norra Ölands intresseförening
A really good collection of attractions and information about the north part of Öland. There is also a printable map with an english index.
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Follow the trail of Johan Theorin
The author Johan Theorin has so far written the first three books in a series of four books wich take place on Öland. The first two are named "Echoes from the dead" and "The darkest room". At his webpage you can se some of the places that inspired him to write the books.
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Öland Kust till kust
Are marking walking trails around Trosnäs-Persnäs. The trails are marked with yellow markings on poles and stones, and a printed map can be boughet at 30SEK. They also arrange guided tours and other activities.
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